Chorusliners was the first support group of the Norris Center. It sponsors a number of special events each year, including hosting the Champagne Reception for the Norris Center Season Opening Night, a Day at the Races, summer champagne reception, restaurant dinners and pre-theatre parties. Membership donations are $125 annually. If you’d like to join this very special group, please call Betty Reider at 310-377-5831.

  • Betty Reider - President

    Sue & Larry Andrews

    Adrienne Ang

    Maggie & Edwin Baumann

    Ruth Baumann

    Ginny Bleier

    Mary Brown

    Marilyn & George Camisa

    Rosemary & Bill Claire

    Patsy Clark

    Jackie Crowley

    Joyce & Jack Crump

    Barbara Davis

    Anne & Ray Destabelle

    Paula & Vince DiFiore

    Ivy & Alexander Egger

    Stephanie Enright

    Jack Esensten

    Evelyn Folks

    Jim Grady

    Mary Graff

    Pam Barrett & Jim Hill

    Flo & Bill Horn

    Mary Ingrassia

    Melody & Sal Intagliata

    Jane & Jim Jones

    Mary & Howard Kay

    Donna Keele

    Loyd Kenworthy

    Varda Lancaster

    Connie & Hal Lazar
  • Jean Lindsay

    Margaret & Rey Lopez

    Vangie & Paul Maynard

    Noreen & Patrick McGuinness

    Alice McLaughlin

    Geri Merlander

    Rene Merlander

    Joan & Dick Moe

    Argentina Mohr

    Pat & Ted Paulson

    Godfrey Pernell

    Pat & Rowe Prideaux

    Betty & Jack Reider

    Joseph Riggio

    Carlene Ringer

    Lou Rollino

    Bernice &

        Dr. Martin Rosenzweig

    Phil Ross

    Frank & Marilyn Schaffer

    Janet Smith

    Marion Somers, Ph.D.

    Rita & John Spalding

    Joan & Frank Sternat

    Joseph Sullivan

    Ann Vogel

    Betty & Sam Wallace

    Elsa & Burt Wertz

    Kay Yamada